Child Friendly Spaces

In crisis situations, Save the Children can set up a Child Friendly Space for children and families, if necessary. The Child Friendly Space supports children and families for example in evacuation centers, emergency shelters or reception centers for asylum seekers.

In child-friendly spaces, children can be children and take part in different activities such as games, crafts and playing under the guidance of safe adults.

At the moment in Finland, there are Child Friendly Spaces in reception centres in the Turku area and, after the summer, in Oulu and Helsinki. The activities are co-funded by the European Union.

We are now looking for new volunteers for our Child and Youth Friendly spaces in Oulu’s reception centers!

Join us to support children living in the reception centers and sign up for the online training.

Online Training

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What is a Child-Friendly Space? (in Finnish)

The Child-Friendly Space is an approach used by Save the Children and other international humanitarian actors around the world to support children in disaster and crisis situations. It provides meaningful activities in children's lives and strengthens their coping in exceptional circumstances.

Child Friendly Spaces is an approach used in humanitarian crises around the world that provides a safe environment for children to participate in structured activities, process past experiences and learn new things. In Finland, Child-Friendly Space is implemented by Save the Children staff and trained volunteers.

A child-friendly space is a place where children can be children first, and do child-specific things like games, crafts and play under the guidance of safe adults. It provides meaningful activities in children’s lives and strengthen children’s coping in exceptional circumstances.

The Child Friendly Space allows parents to take a breather and take care of their own business while their child is in a safe environment.

The Child Friendly Space can support the authorities and other organizations in a crisis situation.

The activities support the psychosocial well-being of the child. The aim is to help all parties involved to cope and be stronger in the midst of crisis and emergencies. In general, the intervention is short-term and temporary. All children are welcome, regardless of their gender, ethnic or cultural background or disability. The aim is to give equal consideration to children of all ages.

A Child Friendly Space volunteer acts as a safe adult for children of different ages. They plan and implement activities such as games and crafts. The volunteer is also involved in the practical organization of the Child Friendly Space and, where necessary, in its development and cooperation with other actors.