Domestic Preparedness

In crisis situations, it is important to take into account the needs of children and families

We prepare to support the authorities in different situations in cooperation with Save the Children local associations, volunteers and other actors.

The organization’s preparedness work is prepared to support the authorities in the event of accidents and incidents affecting children and families, such as prolonged power and water cuts or an immigration situation. We organize Children in Crises trainings and Child Friendly Space training, as well as training of trainers for staff and volunteers.

Preparedness and contingency planning is coordinated by Save the Children’s central office in Helsinki. The organization’s local associations and volunteers are central to the work, both regionally and locally. Local actors help to provide nationwide support to children in various crisis and disruptive situations across Finland..

  • Crises, emergency and disruptive situations affecting children and families
  • Large scale fires, storms, floods
  • Transport and chemical accidents
  • Violent incidents
  • Communicable diseases
  • Evacuations
  • Large-scale migration
  • Impacts of climate change

  • Children and families are often overlooked in preparedness planning
  • There is a need for child expertise and the involvement of child actors in preparedness
  • There is always the possibility of an accident, violence, natural disaster or large-scale influx of migrants

  • Applying international humanitarian expertise and approaches to the Finnish context
  • Professional child protection expertise
  • Regional and local Save the Children associations and volunteers
  • Preparedness exercises

  • Child-friendly spaces
  • Crisis chat
  • Children in Crises training courses
  • Cooperation with networks of authorities and organizations
  • Child-related situational picture in Finland and abroad through Save the Children
  • Advocacy and communication

  • Diverse experience of working with children
  • Local knowledge
  • Existing networks and knowledge of existing support structures in the area
  • Tools ready to support
  • Situational picture
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Become a volunteer

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Preparedness trainings and materials

Information on Save the Children’s domestic preparedness trainings and materials

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Child Friendly Spaces

More information on Child Friendly Spaces

How to support a child during a crisis

A guide on how to support a child during a crisis

Psychosocial support for vulnerable children

Save the Children Finland has launched the “Children’s Support in Reception Services project”, which aims to identify and address the special needs of vulnerable children in reception services and their development.

The project will plan and implement Child Friendly Space activities, as well as training to focus on and support children in reception centers.

The aim is to ensure that children and young people of all ages in reception centers have access to regular activities that support their psychosocial well-being. The development of activities will also take into account children with varying degrees of disability, and children’s inclusion will play a major role.

Partners and networks

Save the Children collaborates in preparedness activities, such as national and regional preparedness networks of authorities and organizations, advocacy work, preparedness training, exercises and real-life situations. We participate in preparedness exercises together with organizations and authorities with a  childrens rights based approach as well as the development and cooperation of Child-Friendly Space activities.

Save the Children is a member of the Voluntary Rescue Service and the  Women’s National Emergency Preparedness Association

(Picture: Emilia Tiainen, City of Kirkkonummi)


Preparedness unit

Eveliina Viitanen

Development Manager

Anna Salmenhaara

Emergency Preparedness Advisor

Mikael Lehtinen

Preparedness Planning Officer

Viivi Kirvesoja

Project Manager

Maiju Remes

Project Officer