Help children in crisis

When bad things happen, kindness is needed. Make a donation and support children where the need is the greatest.

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When bad things happen, kindness is needed. Make a donation to support children where the need is the greatest.

As a monthly donor you help save children’s lives all over the world. Your donation is used flexibly wherever the need is the greatest.

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Right now, the need for humanitarian aid is at a record high. Every sixth child lives in the midst of wars, natural disasters and other crises and experience things that no child should experience.

Save the Children is one of the largest humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the world. With your help, we react quickly when a disaster or crisis strikes.

We provide children and their families e.g. with essential basic supplies, temporary housing, learning possibilities, medical care and psychosocial support, among other things.

Donate now

Fundraising permit: National Police Board RA/2022/1401, granted 12.10.2022, valid from 1.1.2023 onwards within Finland with the exception of Åland Islands. The funds will be used for the humanitarian work of Save the Children. Monthly donations will be used for the work of Save the Children worldwide.

Make a corporate donation

Make a corporate donation and support children in humanitarian crisis. Donating is easy and fast – fill out the online form below, and we will send an invoice to your company. You can also make the donation via a bank transfer to the Save the Children Finland account FI64 1017 3000 2107 27. Please remember to include ‘humanitarian aid’ as the reference text.”

We do not engage in business cooperation or accept donations from companies in the arms, tobacco, adult entertainment and fossil energy* industries or those violating the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (referred to as “The Code”). We kindly request companies in these industries to refrain from any collaboration or donations to our organization.

We adhere to strict due diligence principles for corporate partnerships in the following sectors: gambling, alcohol, nuclear energy, fast food and soft drinks marketed to children, pharmaceuticals, private security services, natural resource extraction, and breast-milk substitute and bottle manufacturers (those companies with no evidence of violating “The Code”).

We encourage companies in these industries to contact us for exploring the possibility of initiating business cooperation.

*An exception applies to companies that have demonstrably committed to short, medium, and long-term 1.5-degree emission reduction goals.

With your help, we can

Meet children’s basic needs

We deliver vital basic supplies, such as food, clean water, warm clothes and blankets, as emergency aid. We arrange temporary housing for those who have lost their homes. We distribute cash to families in distress for them to purchase the things they need most.

Ensure access to medical care

We deliver medical supplies and care to children living in the midst of conflicts and crises. We set up mobile clinics in refugee camps and along migration and escape routes. We equip hospitals and health clinics with medical equipment and supplies.

Enable education in emergencies

We ensure that children can continue their studies despite emergencies by, for example, setting up temporary learning centres. We also support the renovation of damaged schools and child care centers.

Arrange psychosocial support

We arrange psychosocial support for children to help them recover from their experiences. We create child-friendly spaces where children and families can play, rest and recoup their strength. In addition, we train teachers, psychologists, social workers and our staff so that they can support children in emergencies.

You can also donate

By MobilePay

Make a donation by MobilePay to 20061.


Text  LAPSELLE20 (20 €)  to 16499.

Tee Suurlahjoitus. Kuvassa Isabella pitelee sylissään 10-kuukautista Dasang Dolmoa, jonka perhe on saanut apua Pelastakaa Lapsilta maanjäristyksen jälkeen.

Major donation

If you consider making a major donation, please contact us.