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Principles of Business Cooperation

We do not engage in business cooperation or accept donations from companies in the arms, tobacco, adult entertainment and fossil energy* industries or those violating the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (referred to as “The Code”). We kindly request companies in these industries to refrain from any collaboration or donations to our organization.

We adhere to strict due diligence principles for corporate partnerships in the following sectors: gambling, alcohol, nuclear energy, fast food and soft drinks marketed to children, pharmaceuticals, private security services, natural resource extraction, and breast-milk substitute and bottle manufacturers (those companies with no evidence of violating “The Code”).

We encourage companies in these industries to contact us for exploring the possibility of initiating business cooperation.

*An exception applies to companies that have demonstrably committed to short, medium, and long-term 1.5-degree emission reduction goals.


Johanna Mäkelä

Head of Corporate Fundraising

Camilla Ekholm

Manager, Global Corporate Partnerships