Prevention of violent extremism

Prevention of violent extremism

Violent extremism damages a child’s right to equal treatment and a safe and supportive growing environment. It exposes the child to hostile attitudes and violent speech. Save the Children  prevents the effects of this phenomena.

Save the Children prevents violent extremism by organising participatory youth workshops focusing on strengthening young people’s participation, critical thinking and democratic skills through pedagogical escape games. Save the Children also organises trainings and workshops for professionals working with young people, which focus on strengthening the professionals’ capacity to recognise radicalisation and related phenomena and to intervene in them at an early stage.

Co-operation is key in prevention of violent extremism

Save the Children conducts its work on prevention of violent radicalisation extremism in close cooperation with a number of national and international networks. Save the Children trains youth professionals as part of the National Action Plan for the Prevention of Violent Radicalisation and Extremism (2019-2023). The Action Plan, set up by the Ministry of the Interior, is coordinated by the National Cooperation Network, of which Save the Children’s experts are also members. The trainings and workshops are organised in cooperation with different representatives and actors in youth work, particularly with Regional State Administrative Agencies and municipal youth services.

Save the Children’s experts are also actively involved with the European Commission’s Radicalisation Awareness Network that connects frontline practitioners from around Euroep who work daily with people who have been radicalised or are at risk of radicalisation.

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