The Child Protection and Finnish Hotline activities were launched in 2002. We work to counter and prevent child sexual abuse, especially in digital environments. Our aim is to promote the rapid removal of child sexual abuse materials from the web and to prevent children and young people from becoming victims of sexual abuse.    


Figure. The Child Protection and Finnish Hotline activities have three main focus points.

Hotline and analysis work  

We maintain a Hotline service (Nettivihje) that annually receives thousands of reports about illegal activities and child sexual abuse materials online. We also analyse child sexual abuse materials as part of Project Arachnid, run by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.   

Through our reporting and analysis work, we promote the rapid removal of illegal materials from the web. We offer a low-threshold reporting channel for adults and children to promote the detection of sex offences against children. The authorities remain unaware of a large proportion of sex offences against children, because the threshold for reporting suspected offences or illegal materials to the authorities is high. The Finnish Hotline service is part of the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE). The Hotline is run in close collaboration with the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation. We can also offer people who submit reports guidance and advice on services that can provide further assistance. Click here to read more about how reports are processed.  

Increasing knowledge and understanding  

Through the provision of knowledge and training, we raise awareness of child sexual abuse, especially in digital environments, among children and young people, professionals and carers working with children, and parents. We provide training on child sexual abuse in online environments and the prevention of sexual abuse for professionals in different fields. We provide guides and materials for professionals, children and young people, as well as their parents.  

Advocacy work  

We promote children’s right to be protected from sexual abuse by carrying out persistent advocacy work. Our objective is to see key changes in terms of protecting children implemented in operating practices and structures, both in Finland and abroad. We work in collaboration with authorities, decision-makers and professionals to achieve our objectives. Click here to read our statements and white papers.  

Read the annual report on Child Protection and Finnish Hotline activities in our resource bank. 

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