Harnessing innovative technology in challenging learning enviroments

Save the Children Finland and Tespack are piloting a “classroom-in-a-bag solution” in Eastern and Southern Africa.

In 2023, Save the Children Finland entered into a partnership with Tespack with the aim to further the education and learning of children living in challenging environments. As part of the collaboration, Tespack’s backpacks, an all-in-one technological solution are piloted in both development as well as humanitarian settings in various projects of Save the Children focusing on child protection, social protection and “education in emergencies” in Somalia, Sudan and Zambia.

At the core of this initiative is Tespack’s Smart Solar Media System (SSM), an award-winning technology designed to turn any space into a class or office room. What sets this system apart is Tespack’s modular battery innovation, with embedded electronics, a game-changer that powers integrated projector and wireless speakers. This combination allows the seamless display of audiovisual content, effectively transforming any environment into a hub of learning and engagement, which allows bringing any content to Save the Children’s programs – even in remote areas lacking sustainable energy supply

“For this piloting initiative, we have selected two challenging program countries, Somalia and Sudan, where the backpacks will be utilized in our child protection and humanitarian projects, for example, to ensure that children can continue their education and learning also during emergencies and conflict situations. Additionally, we are testing the backpacks in Zambia, specifically in the Copperbelt region, where we have a long-term child protection project”, says Katja-Selkimäki-Grey, Head of International Portfolio at Save the Children Finland.

“Technology without partners is an empty vessel. Together with Save the Children, we can focus on creating a better future for children, especially those living beyond the reach of the power grid. Our innovative energy solutions enable education and learning in areas where electricity is scarce or non-existent. Our collaboration is a great example of how the private sector and organizations can together bring about positive change by supporting child rights worldwide.”, CEO of Tespack Mario Aguilera reconfirms.

“It’s indeed great to see that we can partner with companies, whose innovative technological solutions enable us to operate and implement our programs even in challenging conditions, in areas which, for example, are off the power grid”, adds Camilla Ekholm, Manager for Global Corporate Partnerships.

When the pilots proceed, we will be sharing more information and learnings of the use of the “classroom-in-a-bag” solution in our programs.