For professionals

On this page, we have compiled materials for professionals by Child Protection and Finnish Hotline. Follow the links below!

To Nettivihje you can anonymously report child sexual abuse material (CSAM), grooming of children for sexual purposes, and child trafficking related to sexual abuse online. As a professional, please note the obligation to report to the police and the child protection authority.

Information about child sexual abuse

We have gathered information about child sexual abuse which adults and professionals working with children should be aware of.

Guidance for adults

On this page, you can find guidance especially for adults.

Resource bank

We have compiled all information materials by Child Protection and Finnish Hotline in one place.

Are you concerned about your sexual interest in children?

Support and advice for people who experience sexual interest in children.

Help and support services for children and adults

In this page you can find services in english for children and adults.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention and Education, CSAPE 2022–2024 project

The general objective of the CSAPE 2022–2024 project is to prevent child sexual abuse.

How to talk to young people about sexual violence?

How to talk to young people about sexual violence? Find answers, videos and instructions for a professional behind this link in Finnish.

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