Young people and the Internet

Every young person has rights online. The Rights of the Child therefore also apply in the online world. We encourage young people to watch out for themselves and uphold their rights. We produce material for young people, their parents and professional educators, so that they learn to take care of the rights of young people online.

Publications of the children and digital media team

We regularly publish guides and reports dealing with children’s rights in digital media, child sexual exploitation in digital environments, as well as the digital world of young people. Our publications are available in other languages. See our publications page.

Feelings online

The Finnish language Feelings online materials resource is concerned with young people’s feelings and emotions in relation to online relationships and contacts. The materials available concern online harassment, getting acquainted with people online, trust and feelings in the online environment, and talking about your sexuality online, as well as information concerning sex and the reliability of online discussions. The resource consists of seven videos and reading materials, aimed for upper-secondary school students.

A better Internet for children – international resource

For a number of years, the worldwide Safer Internet Centres have produced abundant materials suitable for teaching and education. Their aim is help people understand and make use of the digital environment safely and to safeguard children’s rights in online worlds. Save the Children’s materials on safe internet use are also available from this continually-updated data bank.