Save the Children Finland supports the Syrian children both inside and outside the country. We are working as a part of the Save the Children International. It’s estimated that 13.5 million people inside Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance, of which 6 million are children. Due to the war, every third Syrian family is living in poverty and life expectancy has dropped significantly. It is estimated that about 7.5 million children have grown during the war, and they have no experience of normal life in times of peace, and approximately a quarter of children are at risk of developing mental health problems.

Save the Children’s humanitarian aid has reached about 2.5 million Syrian refugees, of whom about 1.6 million has been children. Save the Children distributes food, clean water, mattresses, blankets and clothes to families in need. Always a mere material support is not enough, and that’s why Save the Children ensures also that the communities receive psycho-social support to cope with the trauma of the conflict, and help with mental health problems that may occur. In addition, with our support children are vaccinated and baby care kits are distributed to mothers. We also support hospitals by providing medicines and bandages. In addition, Save the Children has set up mobile clinics, so that health services would reach more people.

Save the Children Finland has made its contribution to this major operation by funding assistance operation in Al-Hasakeh governorate, Northeast Syria. We have supported there especially vulnerable refugees by distributing winter clothes and household accessories.

The story of 8-years-old girl

This 8-years-old girl lives with her parents, two brothers and one sister in Jawadiya town in Al-Malikiyah district. During the last two years, she and her family has been displaced twice. Over the years, the family has fled both Syrian army and ISIS. At the moment they are living in one room that is made of hay and mud and with no windows. The girl attends to the school and she is in the grade one. Two brothers are also attending school and youngest sister isn’t at schooling age.syyria-case

Her father is earning approximately two euros per day by selling about fuel.  Girl’s mother isn’t doing any work so the livelihood of the family depends on her father’s daily income. This family is very poor and hardly managed their life. They don’t have basic materials needed for household since the father doesn’t have capacity to buy them. The income father received hardly enough for food. By asking the family about their needs, the father replies: “We need many things. We need food, hygiene material, cooking items and financial support”.

Save the Children provided the family with 2 Household kits that contained hygiene, sleeping, kitchen, dignity and plastic sheeting. Mattresses and rugs will protect children against cold. The family lives in the north-east Syria, and winter is coming, therefore children also received winter clothes.

Syrian project is funded by Finnish individual donors and companies.