Russia’s child welfare system is to primarily accommodate in children in foster care. As a result, the number of children placed in children’s homes has decreased in recent years, and more children are a shorter period of time in the children’s homes. Still, the children’s home is a long-term residence for many children, so it is important that the children’s home is offering good opportunities for children’s growth and development.

Save the Children Finland is helping twelve children’s homes, with a total population of approximately 350 children in Karelia, Russia. The main forms of support are aid for hobbies and to education. We support, for example, children’s clubs, where children can do crafts and take exercise. With our support clubs are purchasing, for example, sports equipment, as well as crafting supplies. Through a variety of clubs, children will get the chance to learn skills that may be useful to them as an adult. In addition, the clubs offer something meaningful to do for the children. Children can also enjoy various excursions.

With Save the Children support young people – who have difficulties to adapt to the children’s home everyday life because of a previous background and other problems – are also getting additional education. Additional education enabling young people to reach the level at which other children already have. With our support, children are also prepared for independent life outside the children’s home.

In addition, we will support the children’s homes leaders’ council and we are also training children home’s workers. Through training, employees learn to identify their own development needs, learn how to get out of difficult situations, as well as to communicate with the children.

Russian project is funded by Finnish individual donors.