The Suunta (“Orientation”) counselling service is used anonymously, is available to all young people nationwide and provides no-threshold professional guidance and counselling online. This has been shown to be necessary as a means of preventing social exclusion in Finland.

The service, which was started in autumn 2013, has received the thumbs-up from young people as well as instructors. Over 1 000 young people receive guidance via the service every year. Its main aim is to prevent social exclusion and to promote the attainability of services for young people.

The Suunta counselling service aims to make it easier for young people to access education and enter working life. It enables them to access services without referrals, making appointments, registering or revealing their personal information, if they prefer. They can get help, support and advice from various services at a time that suits them best and they can spend time with the service for as long as they feel they need to. Suunta provides a personalised and impartial service. Young people can be themselves, on an equal basis and without preconceived attitudes or being categorised.

The Suunta service is available from different online resources and has its own website. You can access Suunta-chat, for instance, anonymously via Facebook. It also enables users to complete an online form, which the service’s instructors reply to within 24 hours.