Help.some is a mobile app launched in 2016 that provides information and advice for children and young people concerning their worries and problems. The app seeks to offer young users reliable information and support from trained professionals and volunteers. The app enables users to get help with such things as bullying and harassment, matters concerning sexual harassment and abuse, as well as in the investigation of other criminal acts and issues concerning victims of crime.

Help.some offers users a possibility to talk to trustworthy adults about matters that worry them. Discussions are staffed by experts from Save the Children, the Helsinki Virtual Police and Victim Support Finland. Trained adult volunteers also help run the service. The app has the following features:

  • Chat: where you can discuss with a trained adult, and receive reliable information and advice from professionals and trained volunteers;
  • Q&A: for when you do not want to discuss using the chat feature, and prefer to send a question with the ‘Ask us’ function;
  • Information: provides general information about various problems faced by children and young people;
  • Calendar: includes an array of information about online services for young people. You can find details of the services and their opening hours all in one place.

The app, which is free and at present only available in Finnish, can be downloaded to Android devices from Google Play.