Suvikumpu family rehabilitation unit

Suvikumpu family rehabilitation unit

Sometimes, a family may face a situation where their physical or emotional strength is weakening. Everyday life may seem hard, problems arise in raising the children, and parenthood feels challenging.

Family rehabilitation is intended for customer families of child protection who are in need of an intensive family rehabilitation period. The treatment framework is based on attachment thinking and on examining and supporting the interaction between the child and the parent.   Activities during the period include practising everyday family life, strengthening parenting skills, and supporting family members in finding their roles the family.  We encounter each family with trust in finding the strength of the family and empowering the entire family with the help of sufficient, well-timed, and individual support. The objective is to enable good everyday life by enforcing the operational structures and skills of the family.

We feel it is important to involve the family from the start in the planning of their rehabilitation goals and in the evaluation of the realisation of those goals together with our employees. Discussing the process openly with the family is a significant part of the rehabilitation. Cooperation with the social worker as well as hearing the family’s opinions and taking them into account in the planning of the rehabilitation are especially important.

Family rehabilitation means rehabilitation for the entire family, but as the service operates under child protection, special attention is paid to ensure the child’s interest, involvement and safety in all conditions and situations. The duration of the rehabilitation period is between 3 and 12 months.

The services of Suvikumpu also include a 3-month evaluation period during which the resources, strengths, and challenges of the family are examined. The evaluation is used as a basis for making a plan for the future.


Suvikumpu and the Suvilinna children’s home have a joint director. A team leader, six counsellors and two night-workers at Suvikumpu. The team has expertise in family therapy, community methods, networks, and other special skills required in working with families. Their working method is open, dialogic, cooperative and one that allows the customers to participate.


Suvikumpu operates in a recently completed townhouse by the sea in Hirvensalo, Turku. The building contains flats for five families as well as shared facilities for network activities and group work.


In 2016, Suvikumpu will launch a project concerning family rehabilitation at home, supported by the Wihuri Foundation. Family rehabilitation at home consists of the same elements as the work in Suvikumpu but is carried out in the family’s own home. Special rehabilitation at home can be necessary when, for instance, the child is released from care and the family is undergoing a reuniting process. Family rehabilitation at home is also suited for situations where a foster family or an adoptive family faces the need for more intensive support. Two employees with expertise in family therapy, occupational therapy, networks, and other special skills and methods required with families work in the project.

In 2012, the quality system of children’s home services at Save the Children Finland was recognised for its quality under the criteria of the Social and Health Quality Service (SHQS) programme. The Suvikumpu family rehabilitation unit was audited in 2015 and the unit was recognised for its quality on 7 December 2015.


Team leader Johanna Rajalin
tel. +358 (0)40 8354632
Suvikumpu family rehabilitation unit
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