Support persons


The objective of the support person services of Save the Children is to help families with children by providing them with volunteer support persons. The support person services are a part of preventive child protection. Support persons perform various tasks in the families: they listen and talk, help take care of and raise the children, act as a partner in the hobbies of the family or a family member, counsel, instruct, guide, etc. The support person meets the child and the family a couple of times a month for a few hours at a time. The support is free of charge for the families.

Our support person services for families with children also includes the Sport Mentor services intended for children whose parents have limited opportunities to enable the child to have some physical exercise or join in the child’s hobby.

Diverse parenthood – different needs for support

Family life gives but also takes away. It is natural for parents to sometimes feel tired when going through their everyday chores. Parents may start to lose strength if there are several stressful factors in the family. This can also easily be reflected onto the children. Some children may seek the attention of a parent by, for instance, withdrawing from company, while others may display fits of rage over even a minor disappointment. It is advisable to seek help in time; you do not always need to manage everything alone. Children do better when their parents get to rest and recharge every once in a while.

The support person services for families with children emphasise the support of the entire family even if the services are, in practice, only directed towards one child.  The support person, their designated family, and the employee from Save the Children will mutually discuss how the support person can best support the everyday lives of both the children and the adults.

Become a support person – volunteer work is rewarding

Apply for a support person for a child (in Finnish)