It is important that children’s status, participation and rights are safeguarded in the digital environment. Every child has the right to a good and safe childhood.

Save the Children Finland maintains the Finnish hotline Nettivihje, through which you can report images and videos related to the sexual abuse of children. Each year we assess thousands of reports related to child sexual abuse. We also train professionals and produce materials and online services. Our aim is to improve people’s ability to identify problems concerning online child sexual abuse and take actions to prevent them.

International cooperation
Save the Children is a partner in the Finnish Safer Internet Centre initiative, part of the EU Commission’s Safer Internet programme, in which the National Audio-visual Institute and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare are also involved. Save the Children is responsible for the hotline activity part of the project, as well as producing materials related to the topic and development of the project.

We are also involved in the European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online (e-Nasco), which comprises organisations that carry out online safety work in the context of children’s rights. The network conducts lobbying and information activities and promotes the realisation of children’s rights in digital media.

Activities for children
The Children and Digital Media team of Save the Children Finland provides online activities for children. The aim of the activities is particularly to support the welfare of most deprived children, reduce loneliness and improve opportunities for participation. Each year we reach tens of thousands of children online and we provide training for online volunteers who work with them in the digital environment. Read more.