Report child sexual abuse material and
commercial sexual exploitation of children

Report suspected child sexual abuse content

  • Be as precise as possible on the location of the online content you want to report, in particular where there are parts of webpages that have a lot of other content. Copy the address of the webpage (URL), e.g. from the subpage carrying the suspected illegal content. There is no need to report separately all the subpages on the same website. If the content is assessed to be illegal within the scope of national legislation, information on the webpages you report will be forwarded for investigation.

You can report suspected commercial child sexual exploitation for example in tourism here

  • If the information is assessed to depict illegal action within the scope of national legislation, information will be forwarded to national law enforcement for investigation.

  • Here you can anonymously report online content relating to child sexual violence and commercial sexual violence of children. At any case you should not search for illegal material in order to report it.
  • You can report about suspected online crimes or relating preparatory actions to Law Enforcement here.