• Department of Children and Youth (DCY)
  • Thai Red Cross Children`s Home (TRCCH)

Profile of children needing adoption

  • Children of all ages, starting from 1-year old toddlers
  • Also siblings, children with special needs and children with no nationality
  • Children are placed to families mainly from governmental orphanages or foster families.
  • An annual quota both with DCY and with TRCCH regarding the number of children to be adopted
  • Applications for children with special needs, children over 4 years and siblings (when other sibling is over 4 years) can be submitted throughout the year outside the quota.

Requirements for applicants

  • Married heterosexual couples
  • DCY also accepts single applicants, who can adopt children over 4-years old or children with special needs.
  • Both applicants must be at least 25 years old.
  • Applicant’s age defines the age of the child to be adopted, you may wish to have a child between 0-2 years old when the wife is under 40 years (TRCCH) or under 42 years (DCY).
  • Good health
  • Stable economical situation

Adoption process in Thailand

  • After the adoption permit is issued, the Intercountry Adoption Service instructs applicants in obtaining the documents.
  • Applicants compile the documents themselves, get them notarized and submit to the Intercountry Adoption Service.
  • The Intercountry Adoption Service checks the documents and sends them to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and to the Thai Embassy for legalization.
  • Application is then sent to Thailand and checked by DCY or TRCCH.
  • Notice will be given when applicants are accepted to the waiting list in Thailand.
  • Estimated waiting time is between 1,5-3 years, depending on the preferences of the applicant.
  • DCY, being the Central Adoption Authority in Thailand, approves all child proposals.
  • Intercountry Adoption Service will inform the family about the child proposal and consult a pediatrician.
  • The applicants have to decide whether to accept the child proposal within 30 days.