Save the Children Intercountry Adoption Service

Adoption has a positive impact on children’s growth and development. It is effective international child protection.

Save the Children has wide range of adoption specific services. We are well equipped to support you in all stages of the adoption process. Save the Children is an adoption service provider facilitating intercountry adoptions, authorized by the National Adoption Board of Finland. In our work we comply with UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Convention on the Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption – The Hague Convention (1997) and the Finnish Adoption Act (2012). Adoption legislation of the adopted child’s country of birth plays a key role in all intercountry adoptions.

Save the Children is a member of the Nordic Adoption Council (NAC) and Euroadopt, the European umbrella body for adoption organisations.

A leading adoption expert in Finland

  • Our Intercountry Adoption Service delivers high quality collaboration in international adoption mediation and prepares families to meet the child.
  • We assist adoption applicants living in Finland with the adoption process. We provide information on children available for adoption and on the adoption process.
  • Our specialized adoption counselling social workers train and screen adoptive applicants and provide adoption counselling services to municipalities.
  • Our medical and child psychiatric consultation is a valuable support for adoptive families.
  • Our experts deliver adoption trainings and information sessions  for families around Finland.
  • We provide high quality documentation and file management to secure adoptees access to information
  • Our post-adoption service includes counselling to adoptees and families who are considering birth country visits or identity issues.

Contact countries

Save the Children is authorised to cooperate on international adoptions with the following countries. We also investigate new country options according to the need for cooperation on adoptions.

Are you considering intercountry adoption?

We are continuously looking for applicants who are suitable for our target countries. Contact Save the Children and find out more. We are here to support you.

Further information:
Chief,  Intercountry Adoption Service
Päivi Pietarila
Tel:  +358 40 520 4823