Post-adoption counselling and access to records

The post-adoption service and access to records are available to adopted children, their biological parents, their guardians and their offspring following confirmation of adoption. The different parties to the adoption process may wish to have information about one another, their roots, siblings, genetic inheritance, and reasons for an adoption.

Intercountry adoptions

Intercountry adoptions are intended to promote the best interests of children. They are an option when parents cannot be found for children in their own countries. Adoptions are designed to create unbreakable child-parent relationships. Adopted children have the same rights in their adoptive families as biological children.

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Intercountry adoption service

Save the Children is one of three intercountry adoption service providers, in addition to the Social Services Department of the City of Helsinki and Interpedia, approved by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The intercountry adoption service selects adoptive parents from Finland in situations where parents cannot be found for them in their countries of origin.

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