Our work in Finland

Save the Children’s objective is to further the realisation of children’s rights both in Finland and internationally. In Finland our focus is on the systematic development of child protection and advocacy, in addition to child protection services.

Eväitä Elämälle programme

The Eväitä Elämälle programme supports children at risk of social exclusion to attend school and have hobbies. You too can support this initiative by volunteering your time and/or by joining the programme and becoming a supporter.

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Support families

Support family activities help families with children manage better when parents are in difficulties. This is one form of support activity we run to help children and their parents cope.

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Support persons

Save the Children’s support persons provide voluntary support, which is free of charge, to families with small children.

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Holiday homes

For over 60 years Save the Children has arranged holiday home activities to enable children to have holidays. Our holiday homes are safe families that have a genuine affection for children and that are ready to be of help when they are needed. The holiday homes may be located in both rural and urban areas.

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Family care

Our foster families are on hand to provide children with homes when they are in need of either short or long-term family care.

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Other child protection services

The starting points of our child protection work are the interests of children and the fulfilment of children’s rights.

Child Protection and Finnish Hotline

The Finnish Hotline is a resource maintained by Save the Children to enable you to report illegal online content or activities, in particular relating to child sexual abuse. You can send in your tip-offs anonymously.

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Youth activity

Save the Children is actively involved in generating online activities for children and young people. The aim is to enable them to find a safe space and safe adults in an online environment so they can talk about different matters in confidence and be able to get peer support from other young people in different life situations.

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Local associations

Our local associations represent Save the Children in their own local areas and promote the common objectives of our organisation through voluntary activities.


Familyhouses are open meeting places for children and the whole family. Their purpose is to strengthen the wellbeing of children and families.