Children and adolescents in Finland need help–Save the Children launches Christmas campaign

By taking part in the Christmas campaign of Save the Children, you can support children and adolescents in need around Finland. The Christmas campaign will be launched on Children’s Rights Day, 20 November. The number of children in need of help has increased alarmingly in Finland as a result of the economic recession, and more than 100,000 children live in poor families.

In Finland, more than 100,000 children live in poor families. Poverty affects a child’s entire life. It creates obstacles to schooling and social life and keeps the child from enjoying hobbies. Poverty brings shame and makes the child an outsider.

Prolonged poverty easily moves on from one generation to the next. Problems accumulate, especially for young people who have not been able to participate in secondary level studies due to poverty. The earlier the stage in which our help reaches children, the better they do in their lives and are able to break the circle of poverty.

With its Christmas campaign, Save the Children collects funds to help children and families in Finland.
The Christmas donations go to children in need in Finland: among other things, we pay some of the hobby fees of children in families of limited means and procure books and study materials for adolescents for the duration of their upper secondary school of vocational studies. With the support of donors, the future of the adolescents does not rest on comprehensive school alone; instead, they can graduate from upper secondary school or have a vocational degree.

Participate in the Save the Children’s Christmas campaign by:

• calling +358 (0)600 03325 (EUR 20.11 + local network fee)
• sending an SMS with the message LAPSELLE to 16355 (EUR 10)
• giving an immaterial Christmas present: 
• donating to the campaign account IBAN FI64 1017 3000 2107 27 with the message ”joulu”
• participating in the Christmas Run:

Save the Children’s Christmas campaign will continue until Epiphany

(Fundraising permit: National Police Board POL-2015-7368. Valid 1 January 2016–31 December 2017 within Finland with the exception of Åland Islands).

Listen to Laura’s story!

On the video, Laura talks about how she was able to complete upper secondary school and make her dream about university studies come true in spite of her family’s poverty with the support of Save the Children.

Watch the video here: