Get involved in Save the Children’s work

Our volunteers can be involved in the daily lives of children and young people as a support families, support persons, holiday homes or sports sponsors. As an online volunteer you will work with children and young people in the Suunta counselling service, Heimo and Netari forums. You can also support foster families and in that way provide empowering inputs for children and young people, or you can help support children and families amidst the refugee crisis.

We continually need volunteers. For example, over a thousand children have support families or holiday homes through Save the Children. Our online volunteers are in contact via the Internet with hundreds of children and young people every month. We provide our volunteers with professional support and training. Most of our voluntary work requires Finnish language skills.

You can also join us as a member and do voluntary work in the local Save the Children association in your area. As a member you can also have a say in the work of the organisation and in the welfare of children and young people in your municipality. Save the Children’s members are at the highest level of decision-making on the board of Save the Children.

Safety for children

Save the Children aims to make sure that all activities involving voluntary work are in every respect safe for children. We oblige that those training to work with children on a voluntary basis provide a criminal records extract from the Legal Register Centre in line with the 2014 law on criminal background checks of volunteers working with children.

Our voluntary activities:

Child friendly space activity in Lahti, Oulu, Kitee, Kemijärvi

The Child friendly spaces in the reception centres provide asylum seeker children safe and pleasant environments in which to play, do hobbies and learn under the supervision of trained adults. This activity seeks to provide children living in exceptional circumstances with an environment where they can recover from their experiences, develop themselves and to things specifically for children, such as learning new things, exercise, express themselves and be with other children.

Collection box fundraising

Fundraising using collection boxes is an easy way to help children in distress in Finland and abroad. This activity is open to anyone of adult age, and it does not require previous experience. Even a few hours collecting money is a great help. You can ask others to join you – that way it’s more fun!

We organise collections when there is a special need, such as when there is a humanitarian disaster. Once you have registered with us, you will receive more detailed instructions and practical advice about this activity.’

Familyhouse activities in Joensuu

The Familyhouse in Joensuu is a meeting place for families with children, where children’s families can come and hang out and have fun. There are many sorts of work that need doing in Familyhouse that you can become involved with as you wish.

Foster family chat-support person

Chat sessions for young people over the age of 12 who are in foster families are organised on the first Tuesday of each month. The aim is for the chat sessions to be held in a safe environment where it is possible to talk about things to do with foster family life and other issues in the lives of the young people. Trained volunteers take part in supervising and guiding the chat sessions, in addition to staff members.

Foster family support person

Foster family support persons are regular adults who have the time and motivation to support foster families or foster children on a voluntary basis. The support person meets with the family or child in need of help some 1-3 times a month, usually for a few hours at a time. Support persons can work singly or in pairs.

Holiday home activities

For over 60 years, Save the Children has organised holiday home activities so that children have an opportunity to enjoy holidays. Our holiday homes are those of safe families living in rural and urban areas who have a genuine affection for children and want to be of help to them when they need it.

Online volunteers

Our volunteers are an important resource that makes it possible for us to carry out our wide-ranging online services. As an online volunteer you will work with children and young people in Netari forums.

Support family activities

Support family activities help families with children manage better at time when parents’ resources are depleted. This is one form of support activity provided by save the Children that helps children and their families cope during difficulties.

Sports mentors

Sports mentors get children involved in physical exercise on a free-form basis or in line with the children’s interests, encourage and support them – and share fun experiences.

Support person activities

Save the Children’s support person activities use volunteers to provide support for families with children. The support is provided free of charge.