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You too can save the children! Become a member of Save the Children. By paying a membership fee you will be supporting the work of your own local association and become part of the national and worldwide Save the Children movement. Working together, we save thousands of children each year.

“The things we do locally are incredibly important for families. Save the Children’s diverse work is a constant inspiration. Working with others is empowering and fun.” *

Save the Children’s local associations support children to attend school and have hobbies as part of the Eväita Elamälle programme. The local associations also have events for children and families, family cafés, subsidised holiday, camp and club activities and they carry out local advocacy work. These activities reach over 20 000 children and young people throughout the year.

“We can do our bit in moving things forward and see the importance of our work for children and families.”*

Choose the sort of membership you prefer

  • Simply by paying your membership sub you will be taking part in saving children;
  • Being a member does not bind you to any specific activity;
  • You can decide how much time to devote to volunteering;
  • Depending on the local association, the membership fee is between €20-30 a year, and many associations have a reduced fee for young members;
  • As a member you will receive the Save the Children magazine four times a year, as well as the latest info on how you can act and assist in your own local area, nationally and internationally.

“Children’s human rights are exciting and inspiring.” *

Do you want to…

…give 15 minutes of your time a year?
Become a member and pay your membership fee online.

… give two hours of your time every year?
Become a member and pay your membership fee subscription online. Help out – as a member you will get the latest info about campaigns near you.

… give two hours of your time every month?
Become a member and pay your membership fee subscription online. Contact your local association and get involved.

“An important thing is that you are able to work with like-minded people.” *

*Comments by Save the Children members and long-term activists.