How we work in corporate responsibility projects

Many large Finnish companies operate in countries where there are major problems in realising children’s rights. Businesses active in developing markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America have to take care of their own operations and the safety of their sub-contractors. Consumers in Finland already know how to ask where and how a product or service has been produced.

Save the Children cooperates with companies on determining the impacts of business operations on children and in developing the skills of businesses on children’s rights. We run training courses and workshops in which business management and staff look at which children’s rights principles are especially important in their field of business activity.

When a company incorporates respect and support for children’s rights in its business strategy and operations, it is benefiting children and society. Businesses also stand to gain from this.

When businesses promote children’s rights their reputations and scope for risk management improve. Commitment to children’s welfare can also help businesses with recruitment and keep their workforce motivated. In terms of specific activities that companies can pursue include supporting their employees parenting needs and promoting youth employment. A company can also help its young employees acquire the sorts of skills needed for the company to flourish.

Both large and small companies have tremendous scope to act as drivers of sustainable development, and business activities guided by help promote good business practices.

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles (CRBP) encourage all companies to evaluate their operations’ impact on children and to take action to bring about change.

As part of our corporate responsibility project we provide companies with our expertise on child rights principles and business activities.

Save the Children Sweden and the multinational consulting firm Accenture have jointly developed principles of a concrete operational model for use by businesses. We are also using this instrument in our activities with Finnish companies.

Features of Save the Children’s cooperation with businesses

  • CRBP training
  • CRBP specialist work
  • Global corporate partnership agreements
  • Support for programme work
  • Support for humanitarian work, various emergency aid appeals
  • Campaigns and events
  • Pro bono work
  • Sales of products involving royalties
  • Other possible forms of cooperation