Save the Children Finland fights for children’s rights in order to immediately and permanently improve children’s lives all over the world. This is achieved through efficient professional work, by influencing child policy makers, and by providing concrete help.

Save the Children Finland works for a world where children are duly appreciated and taken into account, listened to, seen as persons from whom we can learn things, and where children are given the hope and opportunities they deserve.

Save the Children Finland was founded in 1922 when president K.J. Ståhlberg’s wife Ester Ståhlberg started making efforts to find foster homes for children orphaned as a result of Finland’s civil war in 1918. The organisation’s motto “every child has the right to grow in a good home” owes its wording to Ester Ståhlberg.

Today Save the Children Finland still continues its work to defend the rights of needy and defenceless children, doing this in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child by advocating responsible attitudes towards children in society, promoting children’s mental and physical well-being on a long-term basis, and doing relief work all over the world in order to help children suffering from crises and catastrophes.

Save the Children Finland is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation devoted to improving the position of the whole child population and advancing due attention to safeguarding children’s best interests.

Save the Children Finland finances its activities by drawing on its own fund-raising (collection campaigns and sales operations), donations, individual and corporate sponsors, membership fees, financial aid from the Finnish Slot Machine Association RAY, and proceeds from services delivered to municipalities, among other sources of funds. The organisation’s operations comprise an ample range of activities, such as voluntary work, domestic and intercountry child adoptions, child sponsoring activities, emergency relief work for children, neighbouring area and development co-operation projects, and children’s holiday home, family placement, support person, support family, and children’s home services in different parts of Finland.