Save the Children maintains a Hotline (Nettivihje) in Finland for the public to report content or use of the internet that they suspect to be illegal – specifically child sexual abuse material. The Hotline has been INHOPE (International Association of Internet Hotlines) member since 2002.

 Report illegal material


According to the national legislation sexually obscene pictures or visual recordings depicting children (under the age of 18), violence or bestiality, or depictions of brutal violence, or ethnic agitation is illegal.

A sexual act towards a child under the age of protection (16 years) is also illegal.

The Hotline focus is on child sexual abuse material - mainly hosted on foreign websites. Any other illegal material on the internet, illegal activity or other content that refers to illegal behavior can be reported directly to the police.In any emergent case you should contact the police 911 number.

Inappropriate but not illegal content or activity on web services can be reported to the administrator of the service in question.

The main objective of the international cooperation coordinated by INHOPE and supported by European Commission Safer Internet program is to fight Child Sexual Abuse Material distributed on the internet and to have this removed as quickly as possible.

The Hotline analyses the reported web sites to assess the content. If the content is considered as illegal, the Hotline will trace where the web site appears to be located and then via the INHOPE network will pass the information to the relevant stakeholders in that country for further action, or to the national Law Enforcement if referring to Finland.

The Hotline activities support the general mission of Save the Children to fight for children’s rights. Removal of the illegal documentation produced as part of the sexual crime prevents re-victimisation of the abused children, prevents intentional and unintentional access to the material and also prevents actual sexual abuse of children for personal, commercial or social reasons.

 In 2011 the Hotline (Nettivihje) received 2287 reports from the internet users. 28 % of these were assessed as containing illegal child sexual abuse material. In 2012 from January to September the Hotline has received 1465 reports, 29 % of these contained child sexual abuse material.

 Report illegal material